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A Conversation With Adveryday Abuser

November 25th, 2010

After the previous incident, we actually sent an email to the abuser, the conversation is a little funnie:

On Tue, Nov 23, 2010 at 11:24 PM, Adveryday Team <> wrote:

First of all, we appreciated your interest in using as a tool to market your online business. Also your talent and persistence in sending the mass email to many of the other Adveryday users. We are sure that you actually aware that this is not an ethical way of marketing your business as this is considered as spamming. Spamming will not gain you any benefits as many users actually dislike it. There are many more effective marketing strategies which you could choose to adopt, in an ethical way.

Many people in this world are eager to increase their wealth. However, our team strongly believes that people who always choose to put others before self deserve the wealth. We hope that we can share this mindset with you and together, let us create a better world for human being to live in.

Lastly, Adveryday team thinks that you are a talented person. Through our log file, you were sending 6 emails per minute, which apparently showed that you might be using some kind of script or automated tool. We will certainly enhance our web service after this incident. However, we sure hope that you would share to us on how you actually did this, if you don’t mind. It would be helpful in our future development.

Thank you for making us grow :)

Warmest Regards,
Adveryday Team

And guess what, he/she did reply our question, and proved our guess wrong:

“i click and manually send email to them.”

It’s a short reply, but we are grateful for that. It will help us in improving our web service :)


Adveryday got it’s very first feedback!

May 7th, 2010

Yesterday I received a feedback from a user, Andrew. Thanks for the feedback! Adveryday needs more feedback to grow! Quoted part of the message:

“Take these marketing channels together with a creative and refreshing product, I see Adveryday as possibly, the next big advertising space. It makes more sense than the linear style of ads that we see everywhere else. It’s easy to use. Most importantly, it’s something that’s actually useful.

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