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Introducing Our First Robot – AdBot 1.0

July 2nd, 2013

Introducing our latest ‘innovation’: AdBot 1.0

No slim body, no attractive face, but she is capable of distributing name cards!

We hope you enjoy it!


Larger Ad Images!

June 8th, 2013

We have just doubled the ad images dimension, in order to make our users see the ads more clearly!

Do let us know if there’s anything that we can improve :)

Read the Ads in the Direction You Like it

March 25th, 2013

We just recently added a cool functionality that can toggle users’ reading direction of the ads. The toggle button is located on the top panel as shown:

Read Direction


When user first visits, the system automatically selects a default reading direction that best fit the user screen resolution, and store it as preference. User can however change his/her read direction by clicking this button.

Some people like to read horizontally, some people like to read vertically. This will please them both.

Properties & Rental Category Got Divorced

March 18th, 2013

I hope you all are fine and having a great day ahead.

This is just a short notice that we have just split up the “Properties & Rental” into 2 different categories: “Properties” and “Rentals”. We figured that these 2 are quite different from each other, so its better to split them, and easier for user to do a search on either properties sales, or just any rentals.

Mobile Web Interface for Easy Browsing of Ads

December 28th, 2012

Just recently we launched our mobile web interface. Users do not required to do anything, just open our website, and it automatically detects your phone and open the Adveryday interface in Mobile mode.

The interface is rather similar: the Adveryday’s style, only its easier for browsing on the mobile phone.

Changes to “Like this Ad”

October 16th, 2012

We have recently moved this ad menu item into the ad detail. When you open any ad detail, the ‘like’ option will be located on the top right corner.

We figured that this is a more intuitive way, and prevent the ad menu item list from getting longer and longer!

Rank Your Ads Higher

October 5th, 2012

We are releasing this feature to enable users to rank their ads higher for a reasonable cost.

Basically there are 2 top options, one is that it will include the front page and any search results, the other one excludes the front page, which is a cheaper option, yet still rank your ad higher when people come to search on related keywords.

To keep your ad free, just do not pick from any of the top options.

When we say that we will rank your ad higher, basically your ad will be ranked in the top left corner area, as shown in the image below (the white area):

We think this is a logical and reasonable place if you want to make sure people see your ad :)

Ad Expiration Mechanism Updates

July 28th, 2012

There is a recent changes to the mechanism of the expired ads. Expired ads are now viewable to the public as well.

When an ad is expired, the advertiser is recommended to delete the expired ad and post the same ad as a new ad, to keep their ad updated in our website. If nothing is done, the expired ad can still be found by the public, but it will be displayed as an outdated ad. Expired ads may also be clean up by our system sometime in future.

An option to filter out the expired ads is provided in the search settings.

The new mechanism gives advertisers a more permanent advertising effect, at the same time keeping Adveryday ad contents updated.

Automatically Ads Text Perfection

July 17th, 2012

As there are so many types of browsers, platforms available out there to browse the internet, everyone could be seeing the text in the ads differently. In the worst case, the text could be overflow in horizontal or vertical direction.

For this, we have fit in a new feature that can automatically adjust the ads’ text when they are loaded dynamically. Text will be wrapped or truncated if they have exceeded the display area. This correction is consistent across all platforms and browsers, and enhanced the viewing pleasure.


Adveryday 5.0 :: A New Day

April 9th, 2012

Finally! A better, and user friendlier Adveryday is here! We present you the version 5.0.

So what’s new? Let me list down some of the major improvements for your reference :)

  • The way you browse the ads
    First the browsing direction has been changed to left-to-right, as if you are reading a book. Not just this, the browsing interface is now even cleaner! Ads are loaded seamlessly from the previous loaded ads.

    The ads are also sorted in a ‘F’ pattern, which is much more adapt to human’s natural reading behavior. Read more about the ‘F’ pattern here:
  • Improvement on the ads automatically mark read
    Ads will now only be faded off when you selected at least one option from the ad menu, and click away from it. A more intuitive approach.
  • New and better rich editor for your ad design
  • Introducing expiration to the ads
    This is a very important milestone for us. In the past ads are almost permanent, however we conclude that this is not very healthy for our contents. We need our content to be fresh and more up-to-date. This is why we introduced this feature.
  • Improvement on iPhone/iPad interface and usage
    Browse the ads at your finger tips anywhere anytime.

And many other features for you to experience :)

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