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Changes to “Like this Ad”

October 16th, 2012

We have recently moved this ad menu item into the ad detail. When you open any ad detail, the ‘like’ option will be located on the top right corner.

We figured that this is a more intuitive way, and prevent the ad menu item list from getting longer and longer!


Rank Your Ads Higher

October 5th, 2012

We are releasing this feature to enable users to rank their ads higher for a reasonable cost.

Basically there are 2 top options, one is that it will include the front page and any search results, the other one excludes the front page, which is a cheaper option, yet still rank your ad higher when people come to search on related keywords.

To keep your ad free, just do not pick from any of the top options.

When we say that we will rank your ad higher, basically your ad will be ranked in the top left corner area, as shown in the image below (the white area):

We think this is a logical and reasonable place if you want to make sure people see your ad :)

Ad Expiration Mechanism Updates

July 28th, 2012

There is a recent changes to the mechanism of the expired ads. Expired ads are now viewable to the public as well.

When an ad is expired, the advertiser is recommended to delete the expired ad and post the same ad as a new ad, to keep their ad updated in our website. If nothing is done, the expired ad can still be found by the public, but it will be displayed as an outdated ad. Expired ads may also be clean up by our system sometime in future.

An option to filter out the expired ads is provided in the search settings.

The new mechanism gives advertisers a more permanent advertising effect, at the same time keeping Adveryday ad contents updated.

Email Spamming Can Cost Business Loss

August 8th, 2011

All of us received spam mails everyday. These mails are mostly advertising emails that sent to you without your pre-authorization or approval. They are often being sent in bulk, and targeted mass population. People or companies who are sending these type of emails usually intend to gain business/income with less effort or within a short time. This is obviously illegal and less moral.

I cannot be sure that if this is a shortcut to bring profits. But if you are a legitimate company or you really want your business to grow, never try sending this type of emails. If people do not like the email content, the mails could be marked as spam by them manually. And if many people do this, it will certainly change how the client’s mail filter behaves. The next time an email using the same domain or server is sent, the client mail server may automatically filter the email into spam mailbox. This doesn’t not only affect the existing email recipients but also to the new recipients.

Remember, any type of email will be meaningless if they are being filtered and not seen by the recipients. Sending spam mails not only can cause this long term effect, but also defame reputation.

Sub Categorization VS Search in Classified Ads

July 14th, 2011

Speaking of ‘Classified Ads’, the word ‘classified’ is to indicate that the ads are being categorized. This is necessary, because sometimes people wants to know where to start to look up for what they need, yes, the main categories. However, do people want to look into the categories of categories (sub category), or even the sub sub category?

My guess is not. Too many categories will just confuse the users, and make things become complex. Which is why we have not come out with the sub categories, we want you to search. Simply key in what you need, and tada! Result’s out. Convenient for advertisers as well.

Anyway, we might go into details someday, if things become necessary. Maybe for the SEO purpose, maybe for the better functionality purpose. In either way, Adveryday will stay innovative and brings you the best :)

Great Benefits of Paid Ads in Adveryday

June 28th, 2011

Paid ads in Adveryday gives you different level of options to advertise, but they are all lead to this same purpose: drawing higher traffic to your ad.

As you might know by now, you could purchase a bigger size or a more distinct color, compare with other general ads, your ad is definitely easier to be looked up by users among search results. And bear in mind that your ad is permanently listed (unless you delete or unpublish them), what you have purchased will be effective and help you in your business for a very very long time. Unlike other ad sites, our ads never expired.

Now, does it sounds like a very good deal to you?

Coming up, there will be more options for paid ads, for example the ‘always on top’ ads, the ‘full size image’ ads, and etc, which we believe will even benefit you and your business. Stay tune :)

Post An Ad that is Not Necessary Yours

June 21st, 2011

Most of the ads in Adveryday or other classified sites are posted by the advertisers themselves, to advert their OWN products, OWN services etc. This is nothing new.

Today, we would like you to think advertisement THE OTHER WAY. Post an ad that is not necessary yours. For example, there’s a new dessert shop newly opened nearby your place, post it as an ad! Someone is holding a party somewhere? Post it as an ad! There are tons of stuff that you could post. Although we are in the era of technology, there are still a lot people, especially the elderly, who have not been utilizing the power of internet to publicize their shops, products, or services. And you could help them.

When you post them, it should look like an ad, and it should be some information that others would want to know (Not including gossip or scandal :P).

Overall, it is almost like a information flow platform, more and more information could flow in, and you will never know how each of them could benefit someone else :)

Keeping the Pace with Touch Technology

June 3rd, 2011

It’s obvious that touch technology is becoming  unavoidable in our daily life. Adveryday needs to keep up with the pace as well. To provide you a better browsing experience.

Today, we are pleased to announce that is now touch screen compatible! The basic functionality like browsing the ads are implemented, but there are still a lot other issue that we need to deal with. Just keep in mind that Adveryday will become more and more user friendly for touch interface.

We have done some test, it should work on iOS and android platform. Feel free to email us if you found some bugs or something you wish us to improve on :)

Like the Ads

May 23rd, 2011

To help our advertisers publicize their ads further, and to a bigger market, we have added a new convenient function ‘Like this ad’, check out the screenshot below:

The concept is really simple: Click on the ad and choose ‘Like this ad’. We make use of the famous ‘like’ feature in Facebook, so that everyone can easily like any ads, and the ad will be published to users’ social network in a blink.

We hope this will be useful :)

All Thumbnails Go Colorize!

March 17th, 2011

After pondering for 2 secs, we decided to implement this new idea by painting all the thumbnails with colors.

Adveryday is actually digitally existing on internet, it is a little silly to keep our ads in black and white like the old time newspapers. Most importantly, we think that you will love it more this way, and it is our job to serve you better :)

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